We are committed to being a leader in sustainable packaging. Therefore, we use the innovative technology of Tetra Pak aseptic cartons for our Bandit wines. In addition to being a convenient and revolutionary way of packaging Bandit, Tetra Pak cartons provide the following eco-smart benefits.



Bandit cartons are made mainly from paper, a renewable resource that comes from trees. Renewable resources are those that can be re-grown or produced without depletion of natural resources. Glass bottles are not a renewable resource.


Product to Package Ratio

Bandit wines are lightweight and have a product to package ratio better than an egg! Why pay more for packaging?


CO2 Footprint

Bandit has a smaller CO2 footprint than other wine packaging. Package choice has a significant impact on CO2 emissions through the value chain. Considerably less energy is used to produce and package Bandit wine than most other liquid food packages.


Fuel Efficient

Transportation efficiencies are gained prior to and after filling since the Bandit carton material is lightweight and space efficient. It would take 52 semi-trailers to transport 1 million empty wine bottles, and only 2 semi-trailers to transport 1 million empty Bandit cartons.



Bandit packaging can be recycled into other consumer products. Today, 50 million Americans have access to Tetra Pak carton recycling. Visit www.tetrapakusa.com or www.aseptic.org to find out more about where you can recycle Tetra Pak cartons.