We all have those friends who love to rough it outdoors. You know who we’re talking about - the ones who invite you to trek all day with a 50-pound pack and huddle around freeze-dried chili at night.

Let’s be clear: We are not those friends. We like running water. We like grilled tenderloin. Our idea of wilderness is a contoured mattress in a temperature-controlled tent strung with paper lanterns.  That’s right, we glamp. We glamp, people, and we are not ashamed.

Many of the campgrounds in America’s National Parks are now officially open for the season, which marks the 100th year since our beloved national park system was created. From the Everglades to the Rockies, from the Tetons to the Redwoods, glamping time is here. Get out there in style!

Glamp up your pseudo-outdoorsy experience with a cold Bandit Pinot Grigio at the picnic table during lunch and a Bandit Red Blend around the campfire when the sun goes down. Never has our colorful, easy-to-open boxed wine felt more at home than at a glampsite. Turns out, great flavor can be practical and chic, just like a sleeping bag lined with faux fur.

The Bandit Crew