After the trip down under came to a close, I returned to my homeland for some good time with my family and good old Napa, CA. It is always a great place to relax and catch up with everyone.

Whenever I am back in California it is wonderful because I spend 99% of my time with my Mom, Dad and Sister. Since I live overseas I don’t get to see my family often, thus when I do see them it is great, solid family-only time. Dad and I play golf, Mom and I take advantage of the new coffee shop down the street, and my Sister and I love to go on runs around the area.

Although I have all these separate activities that my family members and I do together, the one thing that brings us all together is our family meal time. We love good food and my Mom is the best cook. I would like to say that my Sister and I are showing some serious improvement in our cooking skills, but overall, my mom is still the champion of the world in that department. She has a natural ability, she loves to try new things and she has a lot of knowledge of how to bake this, sear that, boil this and everything works, every time. I cannot say the same for my own cooking skills.

The advantage I have during meal time is also my secret weapon: Bandit wines. Thanks to Bandit wines I can take my homemade meals to the next level. Whether it is my killer spaghetti with some Bandit Red Wine Blend simmering in there, or my favorite Sangria recipe, I know how to impress the family.

Growing up in Napa has its perks but a lot more is expected of you from the outside world. For instance, I need to have a better understanding of what foods go with what wines and how to incorporate the wine into making the meals, but in the meantime I am going to just wing it and pretend like I know what I’m doing.

Until next time,
  Emily Talley
  Napa native, pro golfer, world traveler, Bandit fan