As the post-holiday slump rolls toward the no-man’s-land of late January, we’re cueing up our DVR faves, stocking up on comfort food and—of course—breaking out the Bandit wine. Even if the snow isn’t falling where you are, you have to admit nothing sounds better than curling up on the couch for a night in after months of small talk and gift exchanges.

There’s a bit of an art to hunkering down at home. First, some good company is in order. Your sweetheart or your bestie is a must for the guilty pleasure of watching five shows back-to-back.  All present must be dressed in either (a) pajamas, (b) yoga pants or (c) some kind of faded shirt.  If you insist on entertaining, get a few couples together for game night and consider upgrading to jeans.

You know we like to keep it simple, so Saturday night on the couch means take-out—preferably from a place that delivers. Nothing says winter like a hot pizza that shows up on your doorstep. Our pick for the wine this time of year is Bandit Red Blend—versatile, delicious and food-friendly.  Our Tetra Paks keep your wine fresh for up to six weeks, so pour yourself a glass, settle in and savor the down time.

The Bandit Crew