Wherever you are in America, summer is on—and it’s H.O.T. out there. We’re talking sweltering. Like burn-your-feet-when-you-step-on-the-sand hot.  We can’t think of a better way to cool off at the beach than twisting open our ridiculously-easy-to-tote Bandit Pinot Grigio. This wine loves an ocean breeze as much as we do.

Toss a chilled box of Bandit in your beach bag, and it will stay fresh all afternoon. A convenient on-the-go Tetra Pak and an easy-to-open screw cap make Bandit the perfect wine for picnics on the shore and afternoons spent lounging under a striped umbrella with a great summer read. 

And when night falls, give our Bandit Merlot a seat around the bonfire. Gather some friends and continue the summer vibe with a glowing fire by the ocean. Optional upgrade: A friend who can play guitar under the stars. 

The Bandit Crew