Bracket season is upon us. We’re mapping out our tourney contenders. We’re focused. We’re tense. We’re all in. And when the Big Dance starts on March 15, we’ll be…at work. Like millions of Americans, we’ll be covertly glancing at live-streaming video of the first tip-off from behind our cubicle walls.

Alas, as the tournament runs full-speed-ahead toward the Final Four, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to break out the Bandit and watch the action with friends. First order of business: Figure out when all the night and weekend games are. Next, set up a rotating band of tournament hosts for said night and weekend games. Host duties include: offering up your couch to college basketball fanatics, throwing together some nachos, and unscrewing the cap on a box of Bandit.

When the madness reaches epic levels during semi-finals, step it up a notch and offer some buffalo wings with those nachos. And, be sure to give your guests a few options. We like Bandit Chardonnay and Bandit Red Blend this time of year. A slam dunk all around.

The Bandit Crew